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Facts About Pitbulls

Is A Pitbull The Right Type Of Dog For You?


There is no question that Pit Bulls are good looking animals. But while they possess a certain noble look that many people find irresistible, their most distinguishing feature is in their personality.

Almost all Pit Bulls share similar traits. They all carry with them a legacy of physical as well as mental characteristics that were once essential for their ancestors' survival. Pit Bulls are exceptional dogs who need exceptional owners. Whether their traits are considered positive aspects of the dog's personality or an obstacle to the owner in creating a lasting bond, depends entirely on the owner.

Below are four reasons why a Pit Bull may not be suitable to your needs in a pet dog.

1. A Pit Bull is a strong and very muscular dog. He is also very energetic. He will make a great pet if you want a dog that does not break easily. You will also make a great match if you are the type of person who is always up for an adventure and would not mind a canine companion. However, if you are not the active type and would rather have your ten year old walk your dog by himself, or if you are always busy with work and have no time to take your dog out for a stroll, then a Pit Bull is not for you.

2. A Pit Bull is a very intelligent and confident dog. This works great if you know how to properly train your dog and you have figured out how to apply his wonderful play drive and sense of humor to guide his intellect. But if you think that you can push your dog into obedience or if you expect him to hang onto everything you say, then a Pit Bull is not for you.

3. A Pit Bull is loyal and bonds deeply with his family. This is great if you are also loyal to him, consider him as a permanent member of your family, and do not mind taking him along on family trips. But if you consider having a Pit Bull as a temporary pet and then abandon him after a period of time or if you always leave your Pit Bull home alone, then having a Pit Bull will not work out for you.

4. A Pit Bull is perceived as a tough "macho" dog. This is great if you live alone and want a dog that makes you feel safe and secure. On the other hand, if you want a dog that is easily approachable and is welcomed by everyone, than a Pit Bull is not for you.

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Also The Pit Bull Guide is a great source for the training and care of pit bulls.


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