Are Pit Bulls Good For First Time Owners?

If you’re considering owning a Pit Bull for the first time, you need to ask yourself; Are Pit Bulls good for first time owners? We’ll try to answer that question together. American Pit Bull Terriers are a lively breed and can be a lot of fun. If you’re not prepared for their energy level or possible “pitfalls” (sorry, I couldn’t resist the cheesy pun) your new friend could turn into your worst enemy.

If you’ve never been a guardian of a dog before or grew up around dogs, an American Pit Bull Terrier may not be the best choice. If you don’t have the time to spend an hour or two every day either training, playing, socializing your dog, you may want to consider a different breed of dog.

Tenacity And Owning A Pit Bull For The First Time

American Pit Bull Terrier tenacity is legendary. They have been bred for over 100 years to have that trait. When an APBT gets something stuck in their heads, or something they see as a task they must complete, they are difficult to redirect. Unfortunately, this task could be attacking another dog or family pet due to characteristics of the breed. Keep in mind that the UKC recognizes some dog aggression in an American Pit Bull Terrier as an expected trait of the breed. Not all APBTs will be dog aggressive. Socialization plays an essential roll in this. It’s just important to know it’s still possible a dog on dog attack could occur. As a side note, The American Pitbull Terrier temperament is rated as one of the best.

Are Pit Bulls Good For First Time Owners With Kids

American Pit Bull Terriers were never bred to be human aggressive. Actually, APBTs were bred to be able to be handled by an opposing fighting dog owners for inspection. These dogs were not expected to attack any humans, and if they did they were usually culled (killed). Unfortunately, in this situation, it was about money and reputation. It’s not very profitable to have a dog that attacks people at events. It also makes it almost impossible for an owner to accept an offer to buy a dog if it attacks other humans. The question remains.. Are Pit Bulls good for first time owners? We all know that young children are louder and closer to the ground than adults. Kids also like to play, tug, and pull. This may be fine for a dog that has been socialized but may be different with a rescue dog that you may not know the history of. It should also be noted that children need to be taught safe behavior with dogs and should never be left unsupervised with any dogs regardless of breed.

Are Pit Bulls Good For First Time Owners With Other Pets

There is a lot of debate surrounding the American Pit Bull Terrier and if it’s naturally aggressive, even toward other dogs. This may sound contradicting, but most APBTs and “Pit Bull type dogs” are not fighting dogs being bred. Most of them are a mixture of different American Pit Bull Terriers and sometimes a mix of another breed. These dogs must be evaluated on a per dog basis as there is now a cornucopia of traits thrown in together. With that said, I feel It’s important for you not to forget that there is still the possibility that even in a “non-fighting” APBT dormant, or not so dormant, characteristics such as dog or animal aggression can be displayed. Once again, proper socialization comes into play. If it’s an older dog caution should be exercised when it comes to a face to face meeting. Some sort of barrier should be used when evaluating an American Pit Bull Terrier’s reaction to another animal.

 Strength And Owning A Pit Bull For The First Time

APBT’s are very strong and powerful. If you’re owning a Pit Bull for the first time, you will soon find this out if you’re dog is not properly leashed trained. More American Pit Bull Terriers hold IWPA weight pulling records than any other breed. This is a testament to their pulling strength. Imagine yourself, owning a Pit Bull for the first time, being dragged behind this powerful animal. You too would be asking “Are Pit Bulls good for first-time owners”?

If you’re owning a Pit Bull for the first time, and appear not to be in control of a dog that is generally feared by the public, this will cause unease in people and reinforce the negative stereotypes of these wonderful dogs.

Are Pit Bulls Good For First Time Owners To Take To Dog Parks?

If you are having dreams of taking your APBT to a dog park, or some other place where dogs may be off leash, you may be setting yourself up for disaster and causing another blow to the breed. Dog Parks and such are areas where a breed characteristic might become apparent and cause an injury to another dog or guardian. Even if your dog behaves around other dogs it knows, it may just take a strang dog trying to play, get snippy, or be alpha with your APBT for him to attack. American Pit Bull Terriers may not be the one to start the fight, but they are not known to refuse one brought to them too often. I’m not saying you should never take your APBT to a dog park if you have limited areas for play. You should go at times either before or after people are there. My local dog park is vacant a lot, but a lot of this will depend on your local population and “dog culture.” Owning a Pit Bull for the first time is a continuous learning experience.

Energy And Owning A Pit Bull For The First Time

American Pit Bull Terriers are a high energy dog; this was by design when the breed was developed for the wicked so-called-sport of dog fighting. The power of the Olde English Bulldog was used for strength portion, and it was mixed with the Olde English Terrier for the tenacity and energy level. The best of those combinations were then bred together to form a “hyper-hulk.” The APBT, like all high energy dogs, need to be exercised daily and eat a well-balanced diet. If an American Pit Bull Terrier is not exercised often, she may become destructive and chew thing up for entertainment. She also may develop maladaptive behaviors from pent-up energy.

Are Pit Bulls Good For First Time Owners That Like Fun?

Now that we covered some of the possible issues that may come from owning a Pit Bull for the first time, let’s talk about the fun things of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Along with the APBT high energy comes with it a joker’s attitude. My Lola will try and grab socks out of my hands, steal something I sit down, so I chase after her. She also throws herself on her back, squirms around, grunts and places her paw on my lap when wanting a treat. I could write a whole article on the playful antics my American Pit Bull Terrier displays. She is five years old and still behaves like a puppy in a lot of ways. One way is her thinking that she still fits in a lap. She does not fit well in a lap, but she will ball up as much as possible to stay on one. From my own experience and research, it appears that American Pit Bull Terriers love their humans to almost a fault. They are known for sometimes developing separation anxiety. This is in contrast to what you here in the media. Lola follows me around the house, even to the bathroom. If you are one that will let you’re Pit Bull pal sleep with, you may find that you have little room to move because he will be pressed up against you.

So.. Are Pit Bulls Good For First Time Owners?

According to the research I’ve done and my own opinion, it appears best to go with a breed that does not have the tools at its disposal that an American Pit Bull Terrier has. If you are determined to get an APBT as your first dog, I would beg you to do all the research you can, join an online forum of APBT guardians, try to find someone or visit a shelter that has American Pit Bull Terriers so you can get a feel for the breed. If you get a rescue dog, you must be sure that the dog is socialized and does not pose a risk to humans or other animals…You should do that with ANY dog.

In the classic movie the Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi says: “No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher” can apply with APBT if they were trained or treated poorly. As long as I’m quoting movies, a line from Spiderman comes to mind…of course with a twist. “A Pit Bull comes with great power. Owning a Pit Bull comes with great responsibility”.

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