Controlling The Aggression Of A Pit Bull

When it comes to dogs, aggression towards people is the most dangerous of all of the behavioral problems that a dog can have is. And considering the notorious reputation that they already have, this can be especially dangerous when it comes to Pit Bulls. The possibility for endangering a human being will usually lead to the dog’s demise. And although many dog owners are faithful to their dogs, they often have to let them go because they can no longer deal with the threat of safety to other people.

Dogs can either display aggression toward family members or toward strangers. Because of the seriousness of this problem, you need to consult your vet and ask for a recommendation of a certified “companion animal behaviorist” if your dog displays any signs of aggression toward humans.

Under no circumstances should you take any chances in regards to this issue. You need to take immediate action if you think that your dog shows anger and aggression with people. Seek the help of a behaviorist, a vet experienced in behavior, or from an experienced dog trainer.

Although it is very important to establish dominance over your Pit Bull, bullying your way into training is never the right answer. The way to place yourself as the “leader of the pack” is by treating your dog gently, but at the same time letting him know that you are in charge. Besides, you control what goes on in your territory (your home) including his food and attention. Never let your dog think that he is leading the pack in your household.

For example, you should not pet him every time he asks for it, nor should you allow him to go first through doorways. Do not not feed him before eating your own meal. Refrain from letting him win at games. Never let him have his way every time he acts aggressively. And of course, you are never to let him think that you are scared of him.

The most common reason for dominant aggression occurs as a result of rivalry over a resource. Whenever you try to take away your dog’s food or toy, intrude his sleeping area, or even try to step past him in a narrow hall, your Pit Bull may read your actions as being antagonistic. He will then more likely respond to you in the same manner. Sometimes, your dog may show more dominance and aggression towards you and your family than he would with strangers. This may include standing over you, walking stiffly, staring, and ignoring your commands. These are definite signs that you need to work with a professional to re-established control over your Pit Bull.

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