Pit Bull Leashes

Your Pit Bull is a very strong and powerful dog with a not-so-good reputation. Since he can be very intimidating to a lot of people, no matter how gentle and well-trained he is, many are still going to be petrified if they see him unleashed and running down the street with a grin on his face.

Because of your dog’s strength and ability, he would need a strong and sturdy leash to keep him under control. There are many types of leashes that are strong enough to hold your canine gladiator. You can either get him a sturdy braided leash, a cotton canvas leash, a nylon leash, or a leather leash. All dogs are recommended to have a six-foot leash. A four-foot leash is also ideal when walking your dog in tight places. However, whatever type of leash you decide to get, do not get one that is made of chain.

Many dog owners believe that a chain leash is the only leash that is tough enough to hold their strong dogs. A chain leash is not at all a good choice to use on a strong dog, especially on a Pit Bull. Although the chain part is strong, the part where the chain is attached to the handle is usually just a weak rivet, making the leash weak. Furthermore, it is hard to get a good grip on the chain part of the leash or wrap it around your hand because it would hurt your skin if pinched.

Retractable leashes are very popular and effective, but they should be used with great care. A retractable leash is also not a good idea to use around other people or dogs. Using a retractable leash on a crowded area can create a very bad tangle. It is also not wise to use a retractable leash near a street; your Pit Bull is a very adventurous dog and is inclined to hastily run out on the road, catching you off guard, and delaying you from pulling the brakes on time.

Do not forget too, that your Pit Bull is a very powerful dog that can build up an incredible amount of momentum if he runs at full speed to the end of the leash. With most dogs, such a charge would cause them to be snapped suddenly back. But a Pit Bull can easily knock the leash from your hand and snap the line. Furthermore, if you happen to drop a retractable leash, they tend to retract toward your dog which causes him to think that he is being chased. He will then tend to panic and run very fast in an attempt to get away.

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