What To Look For When Visiting A Pitbull Kennel

Professional breeders and hobby breeders who place their ads in all-breed dog magazines or especially in Pitbull only magazines are very serious about their dogs. And since most breeders are aware of the increasing popularity of online advertisements, many of them nowadays join the information age and set up a website to display their ads.

Whether your main source for finding your perfect puppy is through online or breed-specific magazines, you can find a wide variety of quality Pit Bulls from a reputable and honest breeder.

But what makes for an honest and reputable breeder? The fact is that although a breeder may seem professional and knowledgeable, there is still no guarantee that he or she is a good and honest breeder. Some breeders are only motivated by profit and could not care any less about their dogs. It is up to you to use your instinct and better judgment to determine if the breeder of your choice is honest and trustworthy.

If possible, try to visit the facilities personally so you can take a look around and make your own observation. Watch how the breeders treat their dogs as well as the overall atmosphere of the place. Keep away from Pitbull breeders who treat their dogs like livestock or fighting animals. Also, if the breeder does not allow visits from prospective buyers, then you are probably better off looking some place else.

Watch out for clues that the breeder is breeding Pit Bulls to use as fighting dogs. These breeders may have their dogs tethered on heavy chains. You may see spring poles, treadmills, and other equipment used for building muscles and strength. This type of equipment, however, is also found in Pit Bull breeders who are not raising fighting dogs. Many show breeders use treadmills to condition their dogs. In addition, many breeders and pet owners have spring poles simply for their dog’s fun and exercise.

Observe the other Pitbull dogs in the kennel and watch out for any scars, particularly big ones. Old scars on dogs may indicate that they have been used for fighting, although they could also indicate accidents. But finding a lot of dogs with scars, especially around the area of the face strongly suggests either a fighting history, or of a very careless breeder.

Know exactly what you are looking for. Do you want a Pitbull simply as a companion and a playmate for your kids or one that you can train to be a show dog? Being honest with the breeder about your intentions will get you the Pittbull that is perfect for you and your family.

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